Light Sounds Air

Every night, after the delegations have left the entire conference space will be immersed in a sound composition made from the vibrations of plants and trees as they pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, transforming light into oxygen.

By resonating with nature's creative life-sourcing frequencies, this artwork makes space for the continuous regenerative movement of intelligent systems, the sounds of pumping fluids, pulsing root systems, and photosynthesising aquatic plants, all recorded in UK forests.

Regenerating the entire conference space at night, Light ounds Air alludes to the collective power of imagination, the possibility of re-evaluating our place in the universe.

Artwork by Roosmarijn Pallandt
In collaboration with Patrick Farmer

Commissioned by The Bonn Sustainable AI Lab in collaboration with the the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for COP26 in Glasgow.

Additional Information

Location are the two main conference rooms where each day the leaders of the world convene. Hence, when the sound sculpture is present, the rooms are empty, absent humans.

Special thanks to Dolphin Ear Global.